The Rebrand Earth Month Challenge

The Rebrand Earth Month Challenge

Happy Earth Month friends! This month, we are sharing 30 accessible climate actions that we can all do to celebrate and protect this wonderful place we call home. 









Start a reusables kit

Write your city/landlord about compost

Visit a garden or park

Meal prep for the week

Mend an item

Follow climate creators

Look up recycling guidelines in your city

Start a plastic brick

Write a business about sustainability

Pick up trash in the neighborhood

Make a vegan meal

Buy in bulk

Follow vegan creators

Look up secondhand stores near you

Start a book or podcast on climate

Write your representative

Go on a hike or long walk

Save your leftovers

Clean your belongings

Follow intersectional creators

Look up sustainable businesses

Donate or volunteer (EARTH DAY!)

Start a purchase wish list

Write a poem, song, or story about Earth

Shop at a farmers market

Support a local restaurant

Do a DIY with things you already have

Follow local organizations

Look up Project Drawdown

Rest and reset!



1. Start a reusables kit! Simply grab a reusable bag, dish towel, silverware, and mason jar. Wrap the dish towel around the silverware, place inside the mason jar without lid, and carry with you in your reusable bag! You'll avoid single use items in most scenarios.

2. Write to your city or landlord about compost. If your city doesn't offer curbside compost pickup, write to your mayor or sustainability official to request this service. If your city offers this service but your building does not have bin, write to your landlord to request a bin. Here's more information about food waste to add to your email!

3. Visit a garden or park in your area. Self explanatory. Enjoy!

4. Meal prep for the week. This is overlooked, but can help you cut down on food waste drastically!

5. Mend an item. We all have that jacket with a loose button, or the jeans fraying in the crotch. Today is the day we're going to finally mend those things!

6. Follow climate creators. These accounts will help keep you up to date on climate science, news, and discoveries.

7. Look up recycling guidelines for your city. You may think you know what's recyclable and what's not. But the truth is, it depends very heavily on what your city offers! Check your city's waste disposal website, and maybe even print out a graphic to post above your trash can!

Check back for details each week, we'll be updating this page with more details throughout the challenge. If you participate, be sure to tag us on Instagram @rebrandskincare!

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