25 sustainable actions for Earth Month 2024

Happy Earth Month friends! We're sharing 25 sustainable actions that we can all take to celebrate and protect this wonderful place we call home.

We're not about flash sales, freebies, and giveaways at any time of year, but especially not Earth Month. Let's use our time and money doing things for the planet and each other, instead of contributing to overconsumption.


1. BYO mug to a coffee shop. It's an easy way to dip your toe into the reusables game! Make sure it's clean and dry, and let the staff member know you'd like your order 'in a personal cup' when you're placing your order!

2. Unsubscribe from flash sale emails. You know the brands who are always trying to catch your attention with heavy discounts. Unsubscribe now to reduce your consumption up front!

3. Visit a garden or park in your area. Self explanatory. Enjoy!

4. Meal prep for the week. This is overlooked, but can help you cut down on food waste drastically! And reducing food waste has major climate implications.

5. Mend an item. We all have that jacket with a loose button, or the jeans fraying in the crotch. Today is the day we're going to finally mend those things!

6. Write down what you're grateful for. This is always a good exercise, but this month especially take time to appreciate clean air and water, beautiful natural sights, and time with loved ones.



1. Look up recycling guidelines for your city. You may think you know what's recyclable and what's not. But the truth is, it depends very heavily on what your city offers! Check your city's waste disposal website, and maybe even print out a graphic to post above your trash can.

2. Pick up trash in the neighborhood. Gloves on, let's go!

3. Eat vegan for a day! You don't have to go fully vegan to reap the environmental benefits of eating less meat. Test out one day and see what you think! Here's a list of vegan bloggers to help you find recipes!

4. Learn about climate justice. Climate change disproportionately impacts low-income communities and communities of color. A true environmentalist needs to know how these dynamics work!

5. Check out a book from your library. Don't have a library card? Perfect time to get one!

6. Write to a business about their sustainability practices. You may have noticed certain companies doing a lot for the environment (think recyclable shipping materials, fair labor practices, and more!) - send an email to congratulate them! And if you notice room for improvement with other companies, gently let them know what you'd like to see.



1. Read a book, watch a documentary, or listen to a podcast on climate. How to Save a Planet is a favorite.

2. Write your representatives to let them know that you want climate policy at the top of the agenda. You can find your national House representative here and your senator here. Check your state too!

3. Go on a long hike or walk. Immerse yourself in the sights and sounds of nature! We've got to be connected to our environment in order to center ourselves and remember what we're working to protect.

4. Save your leftovers. Food waste is a leading cause of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Prevent emissions and save money by bringing a container next time you go out to eat!

5. Donate to a climate organization. Set up a recurring monthly donation if you can! Some of our favorite orgs can be found here.

6. Start a purchase wish list. I recommend keeping this digitally so you have it on hand. Whenever you see an item that you want to purchase (necessities aside), write it down on this list. Give yourself a waiting period (I like 30 days). If you still want the item, go ahead a purchase! This helps to avoid impulse buying and slows consumption.



1. Write a poem, song, or story about Earth. This may seem childish, but I dare you to try it! Allowing our creativity and child-like wonder to flow is a great way to get in touch with our identity as a part of nature, not apart from it!

2. Shop at a farmers market. There are so many things to love about a farmers market - including buying local, in-season produce and connecting with those who grow our food!

3. Bike, walk, or bus instead of driving to your destination.

4. Look up Project Drawdown and explore climate solutions. Are there any you find particularly exciting?

5. Volunteer with a local organization.

6. Buy in bulk. This can mean visiting your local refill shop or a grocery store that offers dry goods in bulk!

7. Rest and reset! We've got a long road ahead and burnout is a real threat. Take time to do things that give you the energy you'll need to keep fighting for change!

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