How to shop at a refill shop

How to shop at a refill shop

Looking to give refill shopping a try? Whether you’re refilling our skincare products or just checking out your nearest refill shop, it’s less complicated than you think!

What are refill shops?

Refill shops are typically small, individually-owned shops dedicated to reducing single-use waste. They carry products in bulk quantities (think gallon-sized or bigger) that you can fill into your own containers. Kind of like a soda fountain!

Typically this means you’ll pay less than traditional shopping (because you only pay for the product, not the packaging!), and you’ll reduce waste by keeping existing containers in use. It’s a win-win!

How does refill shopping work?

Typically, you’ll bring clean, empty containers (mason jars, reused takeout containers, reused ziploc bags, reused detergent containers, etc) that you plan to fill.

If you don’t have suitable containers at home, most refill shops carry empty packaging that you can purchase.

When you arrive in store, take a lap! See what looks interesting to you and which containers you might want to use (i.e. bigger containers for things like detergent, smaller for things like toothpaste).

Next, you’ll want to weigh your empty containers and write down how much they weigh (also known as the tare weight). Some shops will prefer that an employee does this for you, while others will have you do it yourself.

Now you can fill up! Add product to your containers in any amount you like!

When you’re ready to check out, head to the register. An employee will typically weigh your items (make sure you share the tare weight of your containers), and will charge you based on a price per ounce.

Enjoy your products and repeat!

What can I buy at a refill shop?

Each refill shop is different, so you’ll want to check their website or call ahead, especially if you have a specific product in mind! Most will carry cleaning, laundry, and personal care products. Some carry food products and bulk ingredients for DIY projects.

We’re excited to partner with the following refill shops to offer our skincare in bulk! If your local refill shop doesn’t stock our products, put in a good word for us :) You can also purchase a 2X Refill on our website.

Where can I buy The Rebrand skincare products in bulk?


Fillgood in Berkeley
Re-Up Refills in Oakland
Resourcefill in Lafayette
The Source Zero in San Jose
The FillerUp Shop in Morgan Hill
Refill Madness in Sonoma and Sacramento
Ritual Refill in Laguna Beach


The Refillery in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Green Home and Co in Houston, Texas
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