How it works

First things first

Shop our skincare products here on our site. Your initial unit will come in glass packaging. You'll keep this packaging for the next step!

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So you loved it?

Now you're ready to refill! Choose your refill route below.

Refill at home

To refill at home, order a 2X Refill on our site.

When your 2X Refill arrives, use it to fill up your initial glass packaging, (you guessed it) two times.

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Refill in person

To refill in person, visit a refill shop near you!

Bring your initial glass packaging to your local refill shop and fill up from bulk.

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Refill FAQ's

Do I save money by refilling?

Yes you do! Thank you for doing the extra work to keep beauty packaging in use for longer.

By purchasing a 2X Refill, you'll save 20-25% compared to the initial unit.

By refilling in person, you'll save 35-50% compared to the individual unit!

It's a win-win!

How does a refill shop work?

Fear not! Refill shops aren't so complicated to navigate.

Bring your own empty and clean packaging. You'll be able to fill it with all kinds of products and pay by weight.

For more info, read our blog post How to shop at a refill shop.

I don't have a refill shop near me. What do I do?

No worries - this is why we created 2X Refills! Keep your initial glass container and order a 2X Refill anywhere in the US.

How do I clean my containers before refilling?

Using warm soapy water, wash your containers and closures until no visible residue remains. Let dry completely. We then recommend a sanitizing step with rubbing alcohol.

What are Refill Accessories and do I need them?

Refill Accessories (funnel and spatula) are tools that you may find helpful when using your 2X Refills to fill up your initial glass packaging.

They are by no means necessary, but can help if you are worried about spilling.