About Us

There's no time to waste. We're on a mission to inspire small sustainable actions - and change the beauty industry while we're at it.

Hi, I'm Aubri - the chemist and sustainability nerd behind Rebrand Skincare.


It’s 2017 and I’ve just graduated from UC Berkeley with a degree in chemistry. I’m working as a chemist for a beauty brand in LA. It’s the age of the Mason jar trash can (iykyk) and stainless steel straws, and I’m pretty much all in. I’ve got a compost bin on the counter, I use recycled toilet paper, and I’ve stopped buying meat.

The thing I still can’t figure out?? My beauty routine. I can’t give up my moisturizers and serums for zero-waste options that don’t perform. So I buy skincare in plastic packaging and look the other way.


Here we are 6 years later. My perspective on sustainability has come a long way since then. But my belief that you can have high-performing products without single-use plastic packaging hasn’t budged. Our refill system has evolved to include both in-person and at-home refill options, and we’re growing this thing slowly and steadily (read: sustainably).

Thanks for being here :)

~ Aubri, Founder & Chemist


    Our ingredients come from renewable resources and are processed using green chemistry.


    While our containers are recyclable, we believe that reuse systems are the way forward.


    The beauty industry’s biggest problem is overconsumption. We're fighting it.

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