Earth Month 2022

Earth Month 2022

Happy Earth Month, friends! Earth Day and the surrounding weeks should be focused on protecting and learning about the environment, not about flash sales and freebies.

That's why each week during Earth Month, we’re diving into four key areas of sustainability:

Plastic Pollution
Climate Research
Intersectional Environmentalism
Food Waste

And we’re donating 30% of online sales to organizations working in these areas!

April 3 - 9 Surfrider SF
April 10 - 16 Project Drawdown
April 17 - 23 Women’s Earth Alliance
April 24 - 30 Replate

We’ve chosen to donate a percentage of sales, rather than profits, because ‘profits’ can be hard to pin down - does it include just the cost of materials, or all expenses like rent and salaries? Sales is more straightforward and allows you to see exactly how much of your purchase is going toward your organization of choice.

Follow along on Instagram or TikTok to learn more about the key areas and organizations!

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