Why skincare refills?

120 billion units of cosmetic packaging are produced each year, and the vast majority aren’t recycled. Just think about that for a sec. THAT’S WILD.

There are two solutions to this problem. First and foremost, we need to slow down. We make and purchase wayyy too many beauty products. Even the most sustainably-made products bought at our current pace contribute to a consumerism that isn’t sustainable. 

But once we’ve curbed our appetite for new products, refills just might be the thing we’re looking for. Instead of creating new packaging, we’re reusing packaging we already have. As a refresher, Rebrand Skincare offers 2X Refills in aluminum bottles with aluminum caps. You’ll keep your first glass bottle, and refill it twice! You can also refill in person by visiting one of our partners.

Our Refill system is designed to reduce environmental impact in three ways: waste, emissions, and circular mindset.


1. Waste

By offering 2X the product in one container, we’re cutting down on the amount of material used to package the same amount of product. On top of that, our Refills come in aluminum - the most widely recycled material in the US (54% recycled vs glass (31%) and plastic (14%), EPA 2018). So if you recycle your Refill bottle, you’re reducing your waste by 100% compared to buying two more individual products.


2. Emissions

Shipping emissions are calculated in one of two ways. If calculating emissions by volume, we’re shipping you one package instead of two, of the same volume. So we’re creating half the emissions! If calculating emissions by weight, our Power Serum weighs 3.0 grams (including formula, packaging and unit carton). Our Power Serum 2X Refill weighs 3.0 grams as well. So instead of ordering two individual Power Serum units for a total of 6.0 grams, you’re ordering one Power Serum 2X Refill for a total of 3.0 grams. Again, cutting emissions by half!


3. Circular mindset

Lastly, refills help us all to learn circular habits. Heard this term before? It’s a sustainability buzzword that basically means that we don’t discard products at the end of their life. Instead, they’re reused several times or regenerated into starting materials. By keeping your original glass bottle and refilling it, you’re getting into a circular mindset that will hopefully carry over to other parts of your life!


I hope this clarified our refill system and showed you a little bit of behind-the-scenes when it comes to sustainable design!


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