Sustainable gift guide ~ shop small edition

I know we’re all bracing for the holiday madness, while trying to prioritize supporting local and sustainable businesses.

Refill shops are particularly near and dear to my heart! While you might think of a refill shop as a place to purchase in bulk, most refill shops also sell cute hand-crafted and eco-friendly products that would make great gifts!

Here are my go-to gifts that can be found in most refill shops (or purchased online through a refill shop’s website!)

1. Candle

I love a good eco-friendly candle. My personal favorite is PF Candle Co. and my favorite scents are Pumpkin Spice and Spruce!

2. Kooshoo Hair Ties and Scrunchies

This is an easy one for all those in my life with long hair. You can never have enough scrunchies, and these are made from natural rubber and organic cotton!

3. Lip Balm

I always get excited about a new lip color and I think most friends do too! Check out Axiology’s Lip to Lid Balmies for some super cute zero waste color.

4. Food Storage

If you’re planning to gift baked goods, consider putting them in a sustainable food storage option like a Stasher Bag or Beeswax Wrap as part of the gift!

5. Dip Shampoo & Conditioner Bars

I know this sounds scary, but I have yet to meet anyone who doesn’t LOVE Dip Shampoo and Conditioner Bars. The Tangerine Honeydew scent is incredible!

6. Tea or Coffee

I love coffee beans or loose leaf tea from a bulk section as a gift. Pair with a reusable tea strainer and you’re set!

7. Rebrand Skincare

Yes of course we think your friends and fam will love Rebrand products! Super Oil is a great one for winter, as most of us need an extra boost of moisture.

8. Stationery

I love receiving blank cards at the holidays - it lasts me through the next year for Thank You and Birthday cards! Bonus if they’re plantable like these.

9. Gift Card

Give the gift that keeps on giving - sustainable habits! If there isn't a refill shop near your recipient, buy a gift card to a refill shop with an online store (like Fillgood) that can ship!

10. Plants, jewelry, charcuterie boards, pottery, vintage clothing, and more!!

While there are some staples common to many refill shops, you never know what locally-sourced and secondhand gems you’ll stumble upon when you visit your local refill shop!

Check out these finds, which can be shipped to you anywhere in the US: marble kitchen utensil holder, dish towels, and recycled drinking glasses!
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