Save money by refilling

Folks who buy our individual units online say that we’re very affordable - and I agree, especially compared to competitors in Sephora or Credo.

But the best part is that our prices get even more affordable as you refill.


For those of you new to Rebrand, here’s how our refill system works:

You buy an individual product that comes in glass packaging. Once you run out, you clean your container and refill…

  1. in person by visiting a refill shop that stocks our products in bulk, OR
  2. at home by ordering a 2X Refill in aluminum!

Here’s the thing - it actually costs us less to produce our refill options. Our 2X Refills save us money because we only purchase one bottle instead of two. Our Bulk Refills cost us even less - we purchase one large glass jug instead of 30 small glass bottles.

And we want to pass those savings on to you! You’re the one putting in the effort to refill, after all!

So here’s what your savings look like:

2X Refills = 20% - 25% savings compared to initial

Bulk Refills = 35% - 50% savings compared to initial

Check our Instagram post to see a pricing comparison by product. Hope that helps you understand our pricing, and encourages you to refill!

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