How to develop a beauty product

As the chemist and product developer behind all the products at Rebrand, I love to share the process behind launching your favorite beauty products!

All consumer products follow the same general Product Development Process, although there will be different requirements at each stage depending on the type of product.

The basic flow looks like this:

Ideation → Research → Prototyping → Testing → Launch!

In the Ideation phase, we brainstorm our wildest ideas for the product we want to create. This could include drawing inspiration from other industries like food and pharmaceuticals.

In the Research phase, we look at other products on the market and poll our customers to narrow down the characteristics we want our product to have. We like to poll y'all on social media!



In the Prototyping phase, my job is to formulate several trials of the product. For skincare products, it’s not uncommon to have 50+ trials until the formula is just right!

In the Testing phase, we test the final formula for stability and preservative efficacy to make sure it’s going to last on shelf and in your beauty cabinet! For other industries like pharmaceuticals, the Testing phase can take years! For us, it’s usually a few months.

Lastly, it’s time to launch! After the Launch phase, we’ll still continue to monitor feedback and make adjustments to the product as needed.

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