Power Serum Cocktail

Power Serum Cocktail

This is a fun one y’all! I made a holiday cocktail inspired by Power Serum - our bestselling brightening and resurfacing serum. Had me dreaming about the launch party that never happened.. Maybe next year haha.

Power Serum has two key ingredients that bring the benefits you know and love: pomegranate enzyme and kakadu plum extract.

Our pomegranate enzyme is sourced from pomegranate pericarp - the white part of the fruit that’s normally thrown away. It’s then fermented to increase the amount of enzyme present. It’s perfect for gentle exfoliation and leaves skin smooth without irritation. A great example of an upcycled ingredient - one that would’ve been considered waste, but now has added value!

Kakadu plum extract is rich in Vitamin C and as such, has many similar benefits. It’s been shown to increase skin radiance and even skin tone over time, as well as help with skin elasticity. It’s wild-harvested in Australia, which is great because no land needs to be cleared for growing it!


As far as cocktail ingredients, pomegranate is simple enough, but kakadu plum isn’t so easy to get a hold of haha.. So I opted for tangerine, as it’s also rich in Vitamin C and it’s in season in winter!

The first step is to separate the pomegranate seeds from the pericarp. This can get messy (wouldn’t recommend wearing white!), but the best way I’ve found is to cut the pomegranate into 2-4 sections lengthwise, submerge them in water, and peel away the pericarp. The seeds should sink while the pericarp floats to the top. As mentioned, the pericarp isn’t edible, so try to compost if you can.

Muddle a handful of seeds at the bottom of a glass, add ice cubes, 1-2 shots of Tito’s vodka, and fill the rest of the way with tonic water! You’ll get a really pretty light pink bubbly drink - a lot like Power Serum! Slice the tangerine into thin circles and put two on top of each drink.

Can’t say this drink will do wonders for your skin :p but it’s a festive take on your typical vodka soda. Stay safe and happy holidays!

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